Rewards Club Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is Rewards Club?

Draper's and Damon's Rewards Club is a loyalty program that is free to join. There is no membership fee to participate in the club.

You will earn points when you shop, and points can be claimed for discounts on future purchases. You'll earn 1 point for each dollar spent on merchandise and 100 points equals a $5 reward.

How are Rewards Club tiers determined?

The tier levels are based on the amount spent on qualifying purchases in the 12 months after you join Rewards Club. As soon as you spend enough to qualify for the next tier, you will move up to that tier. A Qualifying Purchase consists of the price of the item less discounts.

The month you originally enrolled is your anniversary month. This will be month one for the 12-months of your Rewards Club spend evaluation to determine your starting tier status for the upcoming year.

Tier levels, based on annual amount spent on qualifying purchases:

  • Bronze: $0 - $99
  • Silver: $100 - $249
  • Gold: $250 - $499
  • Platinum: $500+


How do I join the Rewards Club?

To become a Rewards Club Member, click here, click join and create an account. There is no cost to join.

  • If you already have an online account: sign into your account, check the 'Sign me up for Draper's and Damon's Rewards Club' box, and click sign in.
  • If you do not have an online account, you’ll need to create one and become a registered user. There are many great reasons to do so! Make sure to check the box to sign up for Draper's and Damon's Rewards Club.

Do I need an email to join?

Yes, you'll need an email address to join. This helps us communicate your account status, alert you to bonus days, celebrate your birthday and more. If you want to access your Rewards Club account so you can view your account, see what rewards are available and other ways you can earn points – you need to be logged in to the “My Account” section on


What are the ways to earn points in the Rewards Club?

There are many ways to earn points. Some of the ways points are earned are:

  • Enrolling in Rewards Club
  • Making product purchases
  • Moving up to the next tier level
  • Making a purchase within 30 days of joining the club
  • Making 2 purchases within 90 days of each other (one-time bonus annually)
  • Making 4 purchases in a year (one-time bonus annually)
  • Sharing your birthday month & day in your Rewards Club account, we’ll surprise you with a birthday gift of points!

If you shop at any of our family of brands, Blair, Appleseed's or Draper's & Damon's, you'll earn product purchase points in your Rewards Club account. There is no need to enroll with each brand.

Do points expire, and how do I know when they expire?

Yes, points expire after 180 days of being earned. You can always sign into your account, go to your Rewards Club/Activities to see how many points you have earned and when they will expire.

When shopping at Draper's and Damon's, what will I earn points on?

You will earn 1 point for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases. The item must be shipped before points will be awarded. The email on your order must be the one used for the Rewards Club in order to receive your points.

What do I not earn points for?

There are some exclusions. You will not earn points for:

  • gift card purchases
  • discounts applied to purchases
  • shipping & handling fees
  • taxes
  • other services that may be offered

Will prior purchases count in earning points?

No, only purchases made on or after the date of your enrollment into the Rewards Club will earn points.

When do points earned show up in my Rewards Club account for each activity?

Point availability varies depending on the type of benefit or activity. Below is how points are awarded for each type of activity:

  • Enrollment points: at time of confirmed enrollment into the club
  • Product purchase points: when the item(s) ship. If your items from your order ship on different dates, points earned will be available as each item ships
  • Birthday bonus points: on your birthday, if your birth month and day are entered into your Rewards Club account at least 1 day prior to your birthday
  • Purchase within 30 days of enrollment: for any order placed within 30 days of your enrollment date, the bonus points will be awarded when the item(s) ship
  • Two purchases within 90 days: any time 2 orders are placed within 90 days, bonus points will be awarded when the second qualifying order is shipped. This benefit only happens once a year
  • Four purchases in a year: any time you place four orders within your Reward Club year, you will receive bonus points after the fourth order placed is shipped

I made a return or exchange, what happens to my points balance?

For returns meeting our return policy, your points balance will be reduced by the qualifying product price amount. Points are not added back to your Rewards Club point balance for returned items.

For an exchange, you may notice a decrease in points on your Rewards Club point balance for the processed return, then an increase in points for the value of the new exchange item once it ships.


How do I claim my Rewards?

For every 100 points you have earned, you are able to claim a $5 reward.

It’s easy to redeem your reward! Once you’re in you shopping bag and ready to check out, available rewards will show on the right hand side of the screen. Just click redeem and proceed with checkout!

Only 1 reward can be used at a time. You can use your rewards discounts on Appleseed’s, Blair or Draper’s & Damon’s orders.

Do Rewards expire?

Yes. Rewards expire 90 days after they are claimed and not used. Sign into your account, go to Rewards Club. The Rewards section of your Rewards Club dashboard will list the rewards code below the Claim buttons. Each Reward is one-time use.


How do I check my Rewards account balance, view my benefits, see my tier and review my activities?

Log into My Account on, click on Rewards Club on the left-hand side of page. This will bring up your Rewards Club dashboard so you can:

  • check points balance
  • see tier level
  • check point and reward expiration dates
  • view the ways to earn additional points
  • view your activities so far

Please note, you will need to be enrolled in Rewards Club and have created a, My Account to do this.

What if I need to change my email?

If you need to change your email account for any reason, please send an email request with your old and new email address to our customer service team. Since your email is your Rewards Club identifier, your account information will need to be combined. Allow 2 to 3 business days for the update to be completed.

How do I change my email preference?

You can change your email preference or unsubscribe from marketing emails. Simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom the email you receive from Draper's and Damon's. In that link, you can change the frequency or stop receiving the emails that are not order related.

Note: if you unsubscribe from emails, you will only receive a monthly Rewards Club status update and will not receive word about special bonus days, your birthday bonus points or any other offers.

How do I unenroll in the Rewards Club?

We wish you wouldn't go. If you would like to change your email preference, you can click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email we send you and select your preferred frequency and content.

If you would like to completely unenroll from the program, you will lose all points, rewards and history with your account. You can always re-enroll in Rewards Club, but you'll be starting over. If you wish to unenroll, please send an email request stating that you would like to unenroll; include your name, email address and phone number. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for your request to be completed.

For more information on the Rewards Club, visit the Terms & Conditions of the program.